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Typical products produced by Toolspec Manufacturing Company:


  • Welding of complex assemblies robotically and manually.
  • ROPS & FOPS products
    (Roll Over Protection structure) (Falling Object Protection structure)
  • Large scale tube & box section rolling & bending
  • Specialist Profile rolling
  • Pressings & Fabrications
  • Prototype product development
  • In house toolmaking facilities from a comprehensive tool room

Product Inspection & Process Validation





















Full inspection reports / PPAP submissions are standard customer criteria


CAD / Design



Toolspec have CAD facilities on site to enable

for tool designs to be drawn up, to reduce

lead times in manufacture.


Toolspec have the ability to interrogate

Customer design information for component

engineering design changes.

Plant Asset Register


Rolling Machines

• Tauring Rolling Machine (Up to 60mm section)

• CNC Rolling Machine (up to 70mm section)

• Tauring Rolling Machine (Up to 100mm section)


Bending Machines

• DB 19 (for producing Brake pipes from 4mm up to 19mm)

• Arena variable bending machine (Up to 40mm Hollow tube section)

• 3 x DB40 (Up to 40mm Hollow tube section) * 1 with Stacker device

• BLM Dynamic variable bending machine (Up to 40mm Hollow tube section)

• Herber 75 Stacker (Up to 75mm Hollow tube section)

• DB120 “Addison” (Up to 120mm Hollow tube section)


Power Presses

• 3 x 55 Ton HME

• 1 x 150 Ton twin headed HME with 1.3Mtr bed

• 3 x Various Hare 12BS to 15 BS Presses



Super Brown 300 Handsaw x (20 0ff)
CEFMO Bundle cutting saw

Kaltenbach Up stroke & Down-stroke saws

Simec Double headed / compound angle saw

End Forming Machines
4 Vale machines with up to 25mm flaring capabilities


Single Head,
Twin Head,
Triple Head ,
Quad Head,
& Multi head machines
Specialist drill cells


Leak Test equipment
Furness FC290 Pressure decay

Micro Weld Examination Equipment


Robot Welding cells
• 2 x Fanuc machines,
• 1 x Motoman,
• 2 x ABB
• All robots have rotary tables / manipulators